Who are we?

This blog has the purpose to show one unique life time experience in a completely different country for two youngsters that want to improve themselves faraway from their “comfort zone”.

The Erasmus+ project EVS ( European Volunteer Service) gives to young people from all Europe the opportunity to live in a foreign country for some months and trough volunteer service contribute with their knowledge and different perspective to reach common goals.

We are Luis( from Portugal ) and Şerife (from Turkey). Our coordinator organization is Deineta and our project is : “Accept nature, lean culture” in Pajūrio Regioninis Parkas and we gonna stay from March to October in the park helping in what is needed to keeping protect this nature environment space. The aims of the project are: share cultural experience; acquire new professional and social competences; gain awareness about environment concerns; integration in local community; self and non-formal learning trough the challenge of living in a country where everyday some new obstacle must be pass.

We will try our best to expose a little of our history in the park.