I woke up early today ,had a good breakfast and  I caught  bus to go to the” Giruliai “I took a deep breath firstly When I arrive there . I thought about my short life What I remember till now. How much I did cram in this short life.

Actually I was feeling lucky to be here after than  2 years live in constant hustle and bustle life in Istanbul. I thought  maybe I did something good in the past and now it was gift for me. I was going to start writing the best story of my life. This cloud of ignorance was going to fade and I wanted to re-discover everything.

I got off from bus with all this thought and I saw  I was in that wonderful view of the forest.I started to walk to deep forest with my headphone (I was listening Sezen Aksu Who is very famoust in Turkey.We are calling her  little sparrow )

I was looking for something  and Maybe firstly  I should start from happiness .Really , What was the happiness for me?

Then I thought  I was healthy , could still breathe and my family were alive . I decided  i would not want anything from God more than What I have now . I had everything. Even I  have a job to which I am going smilingly almost every day and I have there very friendly, helpful colleagues (before than I came here I was expecting they are cold people but I changed my mind- they are so nice 🙂

I walked and walked .. Actually, I’ve noticed that I did not look up at the sky for a long time. That’s why I was mad with myself.. But I said I have  a chance now I have to use it. I started to watch sky and  suprised cause I discovered  beautiful picture .How were it harmony  green with blue. Then I decided to go till seaside. Finally i was there. I started to walk on the sand it was little bit hard and I was grumbling .In the  same time I saw one guy Who was running on the beach. When he was passing cross to me He smiled and said Labas rytas!

And I said Labas Rytas ! also I was smiling. Willy nill its happend , and I started to smile. It was very small but very strong amazing thing. I understood it was really contagious.

I turned my head to watch sea who is usually have strong waves (like a wild horse) every time. I was afraid of the waves sometimes but also sometimes I was very enjoying inside of course If it gonna let us to go inside  . But today sea seemed so calm  its suprised me little bit but it was beautiful  .She let me to walk inside. And I didn’t want to unjust to my feet. I took my socks off and I started to walk on seacoast.When water touched my feet I felt very refresh. And I started to jump one stone after another like a kid. One of my side  was still kid. Some people says it’s bad.. then you are grown up..But what’s wrong with it? IMGP3456

In the presence of the unique cliff, I reached the Dutch cap. The Prussian Quenn, Luise, who has the legendary beauty in Europe. She loved to walk in there.

What she was dreaming about in here when she was watching very beautiful landscape? I wonder, how many people came here to share happiness in this place, who knows..  how many times it witnessed a good moment. I would like to have a talk with this place. It would be very nice to drink Turkish coffee  and  listen all good memories .I know  I would be more happy after this.

For exaple it could tell me How is it to feel to watch sunset every day? And How  is it good to feel When the last burning redness of the sun was touching to soil.

I kept going  to walk  and I saw one old guy .He was watching deeply  to the sea. Maybe he was thinking about his children. I said Labas rytas ! (good morning) to him. He looked me smiled and said Labas rytas! He started to talk with me , I would like to talk more but I said I don’t know Lithuanian very well. And then  He said Good Luck . I think  we understood each other. Sometimes I like to talk with old people cause they are not afraid of to talk with foreign people  even they do not know you or your language.

I said to him Viso gero ! (good bay ) and  turn onto road of Visitor Center of Seaside Regional Park .And I felt very calm,  more fresh.

If your day is starting like this How is it possible to go badly ?


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