Catching Amber


One of the first real days that I went to try catch Amber…

The beautiful landscape masks the cold, the hard task of staying a couple of hours on this cold Sea looking for the small stones is overcome by the fact of being together with the local Amber fishermen in this pursuit for the “Lithuanian gold”.


I perfectly remember this day, I Wake up before 6 a.m and I passed 2 hours on the Sea to caught 2 small pieces of Amber!


For some one that never tried this art maybe can think that don’t worth, I just can say that only who “put on the uniform and hold the net” is able to understand this indescribable experience.


My little treasure!

Don’t have great monetary value, the value is found in the notion that I have about the difficulty of capturing the “Lithuanian gold” and especially in that satisfaction of being part of something very own of the history and culture of Lithuania!


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