The Amber Catchers

Taking care of the Restrictive Protect Area


In another day I went to this big field in the restrict protect area of the park with the responsibility to “kill” this plants (Lupinus polyphyllus)! Although beautiful, this flowers are dangerous for all the environment ecosystem because they “poison the soil” around them not allowing other plants and grass to grow.

Well, I started this job with will and full of strength because I understood the importance and the necessity of doing this for the nature!

In the beginning, I don’t  realized the size of this field…

After one hour “killing” this flowers I was sweaty, tired and I felt that even if I pass the rest of the day there I would lose to this threat of nature. Then suddenly, I heard a noise coming from a little forest and I saw a Deer running in my direction, firstly I was a little afraid/apprehensive, but when this animal stopped close (about 15 meters) staring at me surprised with my presence I understood that “I was the thing out of the picture”. Privileged! The word that better describe how I felt in that moment, in a real natural habitat without humans around and admiring animal life closely.

Maybe through the photo it’s difficult to see the difference of the “clean field”…

I can assure that I did the job, wasn’t easy pass 3 or 4 hours slaughtering this flowers, but in the end I felt very satisfied and good with myself by doing something with real impact in the environment, also I had the plus of spending sometime surrounded by pure nature.